Meet our Promotions Director

Bro. J.W. Sumrall, Promotions Director for HPB Publishing.

Hyde Park Baptist Church invites you to meet our Promotional Director for HPB Publishing.  Brother J.W. Sumrall has a burden for this work, and for Christian education. He is an avid student of the Word of God and a faithful deacon here at Hyde Park. Bro. Sumrall has been teaching Sunday School here for several decades, where he finds the commentaries we produce to be a valuable resource. If your church would like Brother Sumrall to come present the work, or to give an update to the work, please contact us. He also will bring a message along with presenting the work if your church is willing.

Contact Hyde Park Baptist Church at (318) 396- 8691 or Bro J.W. Sumrall directly at (318) 450-1831.